Macdonald Pavilion



The McDonald pavilion is located on a northerly slope of the South Yuba River drainage near Nevada City. This building was placed visually remote from the main residence, to provide a quiet space away from phones and daily domestic activities.

The pavilion was conceived as a multi-use "retreat", and has functioned as a guest house, a center for individual and group meditation, and for community workshops. Large glass doors on three sides of the central room provide abundant natural light and a close visual connection to the surrounding wooded hillside.

A breezeway links the main space to a bathhouse with soaking tub, sauna, indoor and outdoor showers, and room for massage table. This space is “bathed” in natural light through a six-foot-square pyramidal skylight. The bathhouse and meditation room share a patio that features a large multi-trunk cedar tree and built-in benches.

Material finishes include local cedar exterior paneling, slate roofing tiles, adobe pavers for interior flooring and the patios, and Douglas fir interior paneling and exposed structural beams.

The pavilion has been nestled into its sloping site to minimize its visual presence. Deer-tolerant landscaping at the entrance area has contributed to this fusion of the building with the natural landscape.



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