gold residence


The Gold residence is located on a wooded north-facing hillside near Nevada City. The home was designed to house Jeff Gold's family, as well as his architectural studio and his wife's music teaching studio.

A primary design challenge involved integrating the home with a steep, heavily wooded site. The building "stair-steps" down the hillside, with a total of eight floor levels within the interior space of the home and office. Additional levels for patios and decks connect the home to the landscape. Many of the oaks were preserved and influenced the shape of the building, as the exterior walls were aligned to provide setbacks from these trees.

The design celebrates the use of natural materials and represents a modern interpretation of early California craftsman and mission building traditions. Finish materials include adobe brick walls and floor tiles, stucco exterior surfacing, copper and timber trellises, exposed timbers, and douglas fir paneling. To offset the shade on the wooded northerly site, extensive use of skylights brings natural light into all spaces.

The owner-architect, Jeff Gold, took time from his practice to work on site as the contractor. Custom detailing included tile mosaics, the entry door, timber and copper railings, and interior millwork. Several furniture pieces in the living room were also designed by Jeff Gold. The home was constructed in 1992.





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