Design Process


House Interior-Dining Room


Jeff Gold begins the design process by establishing the precise needs of his clients. These needs are described in a written program that is reviewed and refined through ongoing dialogue. The design process is one of inquiring and listening.

Site Survey

An essential tool in the design process is a survey that maps all elements of the building site: the topography, vegetation, rock outcrops, drainage, sun and shade exposures, views, setback Details of a houserequirements, utility system requirements, and the relationship of the site to neighboring parcels and buildings. A complete understanding of the site leads to a harmonious relationship between the designed building and its setting.

Design Dialogue

Jeff Gold presents options for consideration at each step of design. Client responses are reflected in revised schemes that are subject to further review. This cycle of design and review continues until all agree on the preferred direction. Details and building finishes that contribute to the final design are discussed as well.


During the design process a cost estimate is prepared in order to evaluate the project design as it relates to the budget. This analysis and the design are revised as necessary to meet the client's financial expectations.

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