House with water garden

The core of Jeff Gold & Associates' approach is sensitivity to the client and the site. This leads to a distinct and unique response, resulting in a body of work that is notably diverse from project to project. Jeff Gold's buildings reflect their setting, and express a creative solution to the client's program.

The work of Jeff Gold is steeped in the craft of building. His building designs delight the eye and bring materials together with care and invention. In his approach he considers construction quality, energy conservation, and sustainability as important goals.

The firm's projects range from small to large. Budget restrictions and pragmatic constraints are welcome guides, since they lead to buildings that are practical as well as elegant.

Jeff Gold is personally involved with every project undertaken by the firm. As a licensed general building contractor, he can offer design-build services to clients. His extensive experience as a contractor provides clients with current information about the trades, costs, and techniques for an effective building process.

House Interior-Living room

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